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Long Island Acoustics is proud to be the difference in making your Cocktail Hour and/or Wedding ceremony a little more unique. As guitar players we personally enjoy and appreciate a fine classical guitar performance, but we sometimes find that the cocktail hour music performed is so far removed that your typical wedding guest might not even recall the entertainment. We believe that we can take that same classical guitar approach, liven it up a bit, and then perform songs that all your guests have heard before. Songs they have grown up with. Songs they love and enjoy.

We understand that at your cocktail hour our main function is to provide background music, but that doesn't mean it should be unmemorable. After all, who would want any part of their wedding to be unmemorable.

 Cocktail Hour Music for your Wedding

What you get when you hire Long Island Acoustics to perform  your Cocktail Hour Music:

1. Quality - Long Island Acoustics is proud to provide you and your guests with high quality entertainment.  Both members of this acoustic guitar duo have over 30 years of professional guitar experience. They have a diverse musical background and education in guitar, instrumentation, and music theory.  Their styles compliment each other and together  they will have your cocktail hour guests thoroughly entertained.

2. Professionalism - Wedding days are for you to enjoy, remember and cherish for the rest of your life. However, wedding planning can be a stressful and arduous task. We completely understand. Long Island Acoustics wants you to be stress free when it comes to your cocktail hour music. We realize that we can't control everything , but we guarantee that once you book our guitar duo you will not have to worry about your cocktail hour entertainment again.. We will contact you several times before your wedding day just to let you know that we are scheduled and ready to perform for you. You won't need to contact us to make sure we didn't forget your date. We will arrive more than  1 hour before your cocktail party and we will be prepared to start at least a half hour before it is set to begin. We provide our own sound system with backup equipment, cables, power extension cables and instruments just in case of some unforeseen emergency.  In addition to living and working on Long Island, our many years of performing has made us familiar with almost every Long Island Catering Facility.   We will be there, on time and ready to entertain your cocktail hour guests.

3. Cocktail Hour Entertainment For Everyone - There is a big difference between providing entertainment at your cocktail hour then at your birthday party.  Normally, that difference is the diversity in age among your guests. The fact is... everyone has different tastes in music depending upon the era they grew up in. Long Island Acoustics bridges that generation gap.  Our unique acoustic guitar arrangements of popular songs from every era is sure to please all of your cocktail party guests.

4. Peace of Mind - We love performing...but we understand how important our job is. It is our charge to get your wedding off on the right foot.  Your cocktail hour is the beginning of your reception and we are the 'first sounds' of party fun.  It is our pledge that we will be happy to perform, professionally attired, have any special song requests at the ready, and leave you with nothing to worry about.


Cocktail Hour Music performed by Long Island Acoustics helps to make your wedding day dreams come true

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Here are answers to a few of  your more
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can you also play at my Wedding Ceremony?

A. Yes, we are often asked to perform at the Wedding Ceremony. Normally, we only do this when the ceremony and cocktail hour are held at the same location. Most often at the catering hall but also at some weddings that are held in private homes. We perform the standard wedding hymns for entrance and exits as well as almost any special requests for middle of the ceremony music. We will be adding some sample MP3 music files after our next recording session in November 2009.

Q. Is it necessary to have music at my Cocktail Hour?

A. The short answer is NO. However, live music is always used to set a vibe and a mood in a room. The proper cocktail hour music performed by live musicians is an important part of setting the right ambiance for your party. It lets everyone know that your event is the place to be and to be ready for a good time. When your guests enter the room and begin enjoying the live music you have successfully started your party off right.

Q. Can I request a specific song?

A. Yes. We enjoy working on new guitar duo arrangements and always look forward to adding new cocktail hour music to our list of songs.

Q. Will the music be too loud for my guests?

A. Absolutely not. We are professionals and always adjust the volume to the size of the cocktail room and to your guests. We are there to provide ambiance and background music. Our acoustic guitars are electrified but the volume is always kept at a comfortable level to allow your guests to speak normally and be heard. 


Q. Do you only perform at Weddings held in Long Island?

A. Although most of the cocktail party's we perform at are on Long Island, we will travel throughout the five boroughs and upstate New York.  In general, if your wedding reception is within a 75 mile radius of New York City, then Long Island Acoustics is available for your event.

Q. My cocktail hour  and pre-ceremony is going to require music for up to 2 hours. Do you have enough material to play that long?

A. Absolutely.  We have a very extensive song list. In addition to cocktail hours we often are booked to perform in fine restaurants and 4 hour cocktail parties.  Additionally, we have often provided background music for the entire wedding reception when it has been a small intimate affair. 

Q. I'm looking to have a more 'hip' wedding. Since my cocktail hour is going to be much less formal I'd like to present  you  more as entertainers and less as typical wedding background music. Can you do this?

A. Yes, we can.  Long Island Acoustics loves to perform at weddings but we also perform at corporate functions, Hotels and Private Parties. We have a full compliment of more upbeat and fast tempo numbers that are specifically arranged to grab attention and entertain an audience. Truth is, that whatever type of Cocktail Hour music you prefer, we can fulfill the requirement.  All we ask is that you let us know your specific requests when we discuss your event.

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