Guitar Duo - Vocal Performance
Party Vocal Music Samples - Long Island Acoustics

Please click on any of the MP3 links below to listen to our live demo recordings.
Click here if you were looking for our instrumental Cocktail Hour Music samples

In addition to performing as an instrumental acoustic guitar duo, LI Acoustics also can perform at your private party, club, Restaurant/Bar, and other Private events. We have a full compliment of vocal performance music covering many different genres of music.

The below samples are a natural version of our music with no overdubs or special effects. You can be sure that 'What you hear is what you'll get' at an LI Acoustics performance. Click on the samples below to hear a 'LIVE' performance of our vocal music. Enjoy!

I've Just Seen A Face By The Beatles - Guitar Duo Performance
 Folsom Prison Blues  By Johnny Cash - Guitar Duo Performance
 Wild World  By Cat Stevens - Guitar Duo Performance
 Layla  By Eric Clapton - Guitar Duo Performance
Don't Ask Me Why  By Billy Joel - Guitar Duo Performance